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The #1B color is an off-black, so it's neither too light nor too dark. It provides the most natural look, as well as versatility for a variety of different hairstyles that compliment your natural hair color. The #1B Color Wig is a well-known bob cut for women without shedding or tangling. The wig features a natural looking, short style, and has high quality layers; giving it a beautiful finish. The #1B Color Wig allows the user to easily brush it in any desired direction, and its comfortable fit makes it feel like you're not wearing a wig at all. 1B Color Wig is the latest breakthrough with natural color. Each strand is individually hand tied to create a realistic and natural hairline giving you a wig that looks like real hair growing from your scalp. Since we have our own factory, all our 1B Color Wig are made only with human hair which can be dyed or colored in any color by yourself.

Perfect for patients who are balding, thinning, have hair irregularities or just want to improve styling and volume. 1B Color Wig is an undetectable hair extension that will add volume, length and color to your natural hair.1B Color Wig is clearly natural and your own hair, with the hair length of 24 inches (61cm) and has two free clips for styling, will perfectly fit for a ladies, girls and teens. 1B wig can be worn on many special occasions like dances, party, festivals and weddings. Looking natural and beautiful is not an issue with this 1B color human hair Wig. This 1B Color Wig looks very natural and is 100% virgin Brazilian Human Hair. The hair is hand-tied to a lace, creating the appearance of natural growing hair. Plus, it can be dyed / bleached / curled / straightened as your own hair, this 1B Color Wig will surely become your favorite.

No matter your style, 1B color hair is always on point with this rich brown color. Made from our human hair the wigs come in a wide range of shades and lengths, are soft and silky, and wearable right out of the package. We're sure you'll find that one of these wonderful styles will be the perfect match for whatever mood you're in. The 1B Color Wig is the most popular color used in hair coloring. It's actually a color made from mixing two primary colors: orange and yellow. Cool, huh? However, this is just what gives it its 1B name. According to Pantone, 1B was "established as the world standard for black and is adaptable to all lighting conditions."

Color Wigs are made of high quality human hair which allow you to get the hair color with high durability. Also, you can wear it on the head and it is easy to wash, dry naturally or style with your fingers. You can choose your own favorite color and can even blend two colors of your choice to look like a natural hair colour from some areas of the Color Wig. 1B Color Wig is perfect for women who want to have every color, Women can try wigs in different colors and select the most meaningful hair color. A wig that offers a completely natural hairline, which is ideal for those looking to cover thinning hair or bald patches. Ever wanted to change your hair color? Now you don't have too. This 100% human hair wig will surely please. With different shades of #1B Color hair, this wig has the right color for you. No messy dye or chemicals, just pop it on and go! Our wigs are great for costume parties, theatrical productions, pranks, photo shoots, bad hair days-or any other reason you feel like having fun with your hair. Our latest creation! It's a human hair wig with a full lace front.  1B Color is the same color as the dark brown hair. It looks natural and beautiful. We've used special material to make this wig so it can last for a long time even with normal use.

With the right wig you will be able to achieve new and exciting looks in an instant. Avoid going out in public, being embarrassed by your thinning hair or wearing fake toupees that look unnatural. 1B color wig is next to natural black color. choose 1B as a blonde wig or a natural looking black color, you can match with many outfit like short skirts ,short pants, blouse and jeans! This is a 100% human hair wig, made from Remy human hair. The hair has a natural appearance and soft feel, just like your own, and can be permed and styled just the same. This is a great color for anyone looking to add some subtle highlights. The human hair wigs are made of 100% real human hair imported from Malaysia and Brazil. The lace front wig cap and lace front wig is hand tied, each piece is unique, with various lengths. They are custom made according to your requests, you can choose the color and style in our online shop.

One of the most versatile styles, the shimmering jet-black 1B color wig provides the perfect backdrop for any style or look. 1B color wig is a black off-black to the darkest black. Dark black it’s the darkest of all brown colors. Black hard to see, but very sexy and feminine hair color. Women who choose such a color can not have to worry about a hairstyle, because the middle is dark brown and beautiful as a natural hair wig. 1B color is for most women that have dark hair. We use the virgin hair, it has natural and thick texture . virgin hair will grow just like your own hair. It is easy to maintain and has a long lifespan. We also offer other products such as lace front wigs , full lace wigs, silk base wigs, human hair wig . They are best on the market !

An affordable alternative to human hair. The wig's softness and luster is comparable to some grades of human hair. They are easier to care for than human hair wigs, and can be heat styled using curling irons, blow dryers, hot rollers and other heat styling tools. Whether you're at an anime convention or a cosplay event, we've got the right wig for your next costume. 1B color blond wig is perfect for all your cosplay needs. With over 40+ colors to choose from, there's something here for everyone!

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